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Notarization/legalization/Apostilation of documents

Once you have obtained your Export certificates you are often asked to get theses certificates either notarized, legalized, apostiled before they can be used.
There are two basic types of document legalization – ‘Apostile’ seal and consular legalization. Choice of the type of legalization in each case depends on the destination country that is country, to which document will be subsequently submitted.
With our branches in Ireland, UK, we offer Notarizations and apostilation services at affordable rates.


  • I would like to thank entire team of Meddevices for your assistance and guidance in obtaining ISO & CE certification. Your help will be instrumental in our continued growth & success.

    Arul Pragyasam
  • Thank you Meddevices! They have tackled all aspects of my CE case in a very short period of time. They are by far the best team I have worked with..

    Karen Roberston
  • I wouldn’t think of facing an FDA audit without Meddevices’s Assistance..

    Gerhard frick
  • I deeply appreciate the outstanding service that Meddevices have provided us over the last ten years..

    Gregony Denton


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